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3 Major Challenges with Wearable IoT

To understand the challenges at a deeper level we reached out to some industry experts and here is what they feel about the potential challenges in wearable IoT and solutions.

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36 Ways Your Business Can Leverage Email Marketing Effectively

According to Morea Pollet, in charge of Marketing at Piedmont Avenue Consulting Inc, When it comes to the newsletter, the best way to leverage it is by actually sending it.

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Best Networking Tips: "Talk about everything else than work

When it comes to networking the hardest part is starting the conversation...Find out more about what to do to make things easier at networking events.

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9 Social Media Mistakes You’re Definitely Making – and How To Stop Them Now!

Morea Pollet is in charge of Marketing at Piedmont Avenue Consulting. In this article she goes over how not doing a fact check before posting on social media can hurt your brand.​

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50 Experts Reveal the Best B2B Marketing Strategies in 2017

In this article, Moréa Pollet tells us about the B2B marketing strategy she has seen the most effective when it comes to brand awareness. "Throughout the year's strategies always change and evolve, however, one that never gets old is Networking. When it comes to B2B one of the best ways to generate new leads is getting out there, meet people, and create connection"

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Business Tips Picked Up From Film & TV, According To 23 Industry Experts

Morea Pollet gives us her go-to show for some business advice that she directly applies to her personal career and within her business. Morea is part of 23 industry expert sharing what she learned through the TV show Mad Men that goes beyond the entertainment value. "Do not take it personally" "Clients might think they know what they want but in reality, they don’t".

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3 Ways Online Reviews Benefit Your Business

Now more than ever customers feedback matters. "The feedback that customers post online can have a major impact on your future sales prospects. According to BrightLocal’s 2016 Local Consumer Review Survey, most people (91%) regularly or occasionally read online reviews, while 84% said they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

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Why Tech Leaders and Influencers Are Switching to Mac

MacBooks have garnered a strong reputation for quality and ease-of-use, which are integral facets of any great computer, and two of the reasons why so many people are jumping ship from PCs to Macs. It’s not just your family and friends switching to Mac either. Tech leaders in every industry are switching to Mac, so I posed the question to them “Why did you switch to Mac?

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Manta: Online Reviews: 20 Ways to Handle Bad Reviews, Boost Your Reputation & Win New Customers.

Your online reputation is an important way for you to distinguish your business from the competition.

“How does a window cleaner differentiate itself from another one?” said Moréa Pollet, marketing specialist for Piedmont Avenue Consulting. “Well, thanks to online reviews you get a better idea of their customer service, the time they took to respond to your inquiries, how fast the job was done, and so on.”

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Why Done is Better Than Perfect

Morea Pollet tells entrepreneurs and founders why done is better than perfect.


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